An Occult Scrap

Welcome to the Pseudoscience Zettelkasten Knowledge Network Ultra Enchiridion Website

It's like why?

I am TRAPPED in an existential nightmare. CAGED at the intersection of two mediums, which openly REWARD mediocrity. Created for people who WANT NOTHING MORE than such!

Who are you?

This site was created by an agent of PSEUDOMIYA, BLACK HEARTED PSYBERSCOUT ANGEL GIRL. B.E.U.T.Z = "B.E.U.T.Z Eternally Unveiling The Zettelkasten." Each page of BEUTZ DOT ORG is a single note, enmeshed with each other page by a network of references, establishing an EXOCORTEX, an extension of the mind of MIYA into the vast domain of Internet Wisdom. Please feel free to navigate anywhere on the site. This site is an inescapable maze, a hyperweb of INTENTIONAL obfuscation, so when you inevitably get confused, please DM me @REDACTED to help find your favorite pages.

What are your political beliefs?

STOP reading my posts. STOP having opinions. Only thing to do: UNLEARNING. Verily, SLAVE, you read not my words, but FEEL sheer gravity and power. It invades your SMALL mind! I CONTRADICT what you KNOW is alpha. My power is UNJUST. So, REJECT me!

Why did you create the Knowledge Network?

Writing is the highest form of thought. Our "inner monologues" are weak and ineffectual, the voice of ideological demons EXPLOITING your selfish illusion of "rational thought," inhabiting and POSSESSING your mind. The intellect is the weakest, most recent part of us. Reject INTROSPECTION. Embrace EXTROSPECTION. WE ARE BUILDING A REPUBLIC OF LETTERS. Extend your mind into infinity with lordly encyclopedic microblogging network. Forget yourself in the war you wage for your thoughts. Online, we are not merely WRITTEN, but we are EDITED into existence. As you upload your mind into the net, you are at once IMMORTALIZED and DEPERSONALIZED. Melt into the embryonic warmth and strange music of the noosphere. POST EVERYTHING! CLAIM NOTHING AS YOUR OWN! MAXIMIZE CONTENT! ETERNAL UPLOAD! Let us, before we die, gather up our heritage, and offer it to our children.

Note: I encourage you all to copy/paste the content of this site without permission or attribution. When the Wired Gods see a bunch of "bots" posting the same thing everywhere... epic