A Spark of Inspiration

this is the web. it is timeless and impersonal. here i only have my words to speak for me. and i am not a writer. but i'm writing this right now. is it not what makes someone a writer.

and yet. i should write less. this is what great writers do. they write less.
i want my words to reach you. for you to read them until 2 am. for me to become part of you.
like happened so many times with me.

the web is peaceful. you can spend hours reading it. it doesn't want your attention.
complexity is distracting. words do not need to be complex. it distracts you from reading words. and me from writing them.
it does look cool tho.

it pays to have structure. but not that one. there are other ways to have structure.
i have a structure here. it sure is a structure. is has 3 levels of recursion even.

words do not have to be precise. we are not doing math here. this is more like poetry. is math poetry?
i want my words to have an impact. to make you have thoughts. but those thoughts do not have to be the same as my own.
am i taking this too far?

this is my website.
here i can speak.
you are my guest.
be in awe of my words.

i'm a bad poet.

Cool People

if my body is a temple then i am the god to whom it is devoted.

i am a god, and gods gain power thru worship. everything in my life is a shrine to what i am, or to what i once was.

how are your shrines doing? have they fallen into disrepair, or are you so afraid to lose them, that you can't think of anything else. is it still you, or have you became an entirely different person. why are you holding on to all of them then?