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I'm just a little guy on the internet!! If you go looking very hard, you can find me in germany, where i'm busy studying computers and befriending the local female-adjacent creatures. I'm a notorious name hoarder, but You can call me green. :3

I refuse to know my place!!


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The text "cadence now!" on a purple background. There is a moon-shaped logo on the left side and a tiny star in the bottom right. The text "DIMDEN" in big cyan block letters on a dark background, and "ホテル" (hotel in japanese) in purple under that. There is a slight CRT scanline effect applied to the whole thing. The text "SADGRL.ONLINE" on a dark stary background, in a green frame stylized as a UI window. very pink background with dotted elements. it says "meow!" in big block letters, and "elysia" under that. there is a picture of a pink haired cat girl on the right. softheartclinic site banner